OPUS İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. is a trading and sales company for food and care products from all over the world.


Due to our many years of experience and our network with various manufacturers and partners worldwide, our customers rely on our expertise. Our goal is to continually supplement our product range with renowned world brands and innovative products.

Global markets

The procurement and production of all types of food and care products that are offered worldwide.


We carry out the internal import and export processes of our group of companies independently and independently through our professional team.

Service network

Project implementation from global procurement to shelf placement of branded products within our own sales structures from a single source.


The worldwide procurement and delivery of products to large and small trading companies are carried out with great care by us.



Opus İç Ve Dış Tic. has been in the food industry and other areas such as import, sale, marketing and logistics of leading brands and products in Turkey for about 15 years. Opus İç Ve Dış Tic. is an international company and has primarily focused on obtaining UTZ-certified quality products from Europe and various parts of the world and working with manufacturers who prefer to use natural materials. To import with increasing quality and variety of products and to supply the domestic market innovatively.

Opus İç Ve Dış Tic. has its own import department. On the basis of valid European standards, all individual steps of the goods transfer from abroad up to the goods receipt in Turkey are followed completely. After the goods have been received, they are stored exclusively in internationally accredited, air-conditioned warehouses. After analysis and approval by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the import permit to Turkey is issued. Any goods movement thereafter is carried out exclusively with refrigerated vehicles to ensure complete product reliability right up to the end consumer.


Our business partners who guarantee the productions of the products that our company delivers to you and do not compromise on their quality